Project Summary

Using a collective impact framework, we strive towards our vision of a Toronto where all youth experience maximum health, are skilled, safe and equitable participants in city life. Our chosen focus is to increase the high school graduation rates of racialized youth furthest away from opportunities. We seek to ensure that these youth are cared for through:

  • increased, intentional use of programs and services
  • improved cross-sectoral co-ordination
  • and strengthened evaluation systems

We recognize that racialized youth face diverse barriers to graduation. Therefore, we work across five youth dimensions: health, safety, justice, engagement, and education/economic resources. See our Model, Theory of Change and Research Snapshot.

Informed by research, we have identified outcomes across the five youth dimensions that are associated with lifetime success. Our strategy works to create synergy between family, school and community efforts to achieve these outcomes at the neighbourhood level and to develop system-level coordination and efficacy around our goal city-wide. Youth will be supported to drive and inform decisions across these neighbourhood and city-wide clusters of activity.

A collaborative measurement system will be used to adjust and mobilize course corrections. Concurrently, CITY will leverage emerging data to foster greater system-level coordination, creating change mechanisms between neighbourhood work and broad influential systems currently in place.


Collective Impact