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Collective Impact for Toronto
Youth timeline mural. PDF version

History and Context

  • CITY is a collective impact project initiated in June 2012 at Toronto Brickworks designed to leverage the strengths of existing youth initiatives to set and achieve a shared common goal.
  • A Core Advisory Team volunteered to develop project concepts and report back to the interested stakeholders. Over two years, they mapped the assets of the potential Collective, identified existing momentum and resources, developed a project vision, mission, principles, a broad common agenda and theory of change. It identified five youth dimensions, with broad outcomes that contribute to youth succeeding in adolescence and life.
  • The youth dimensions: Health, Justice, Safety, Engagement, Education/Economic Resources.
  • Members of the Core Advisory Team attended Collective Impact workshops and began to refine their work.
  • In April 2014, after conducting a scan of existing data, and engaging the CITY Collective in discussion and workshops, a target goal of increasing the high school graduation rates of racialized youth furthest away from opportunities was chosen as the most effective focus for achieving the broader vision and longer term impacts in all the youth dimensions.
  • Over the Fall/Winter of 2014/2015, the Theory of Change, Outcomes, Project Strategy, Activities and Timelines were further developed and refined to support the chosen focus on graduation rates for racialized youth.
  • Over the summer of 2015, CITY released an Expression of Interest (EOI) to engage existing networks in the initiative as pilot Neighbourhood Clusters. Neighbourhood Clusters work locally on targeted outcomes across the 5 youth dimensions, while the CITY-wide Cluster works to remove barriers and create change at the system/policy level. Three networks joined the project as Neighbourhood Clusters:
    • The Scarborough Executive Network (SEN, Scarborough)
    • The Youth Services Network (YSN, Scarborough)
    • Success Beyond Limits (SBL, Jane and Finch)
  • Over the fall/winter of 2015/16 we worked to secure ongoing funding for the initiative and began working with Neighbourhood Clusters to map resources and gather baseline data.


Collective Impact