The Journey

The Chosen Ones from Kenya have faced a long journey. This journey was not easy. Along the way they faced many challenges, barriers and ordeals. There were moments of doubt and times when the Chosen Ones were ready to give up. As the journey became tougher, the community stood behind the Chosen Ones and granted them special charms that gave them the strength to persevere. The Chosen Ones walk with the spirit and support of their community as they work towards completing their Quest.

As Chosen Ones, this is the journey we’ve embarked on...

Image of the children sharing their knowledge

"We are here to
share our stories, our charms, learn from each other and integrate our stories and charms to form our Country Story."

National Conference, Kenya
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As Chosen Ones from Kenya, we have been granted these charms to persevere in our Quest...

Youth presenting ideas

We have selected the following five charms to symbolize our strength, skills and lessons we have learnt through the CLW program:

  1. The Horn – we are the voice of the voiceless (children rights advocates).
  2. Pencil – symbolizes education and skills that we have acquired.
  3. The Kenyan flag - the call to patriotism. Regardless of the pain and agony we are proud to be Kenyan.
  4. Book - how education has change our lives; Skills to be assertive and abstain peer pressure, hard work, Encouragements from teachers and parents, Self-respect and Education.
  5. Ball - Knowledge of my rights, right to play and leisure, right to association and opinion.

National Conference, Kenya
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The Students Commission