The Journey

The Chosen Ones from Canada have faced a long journey. This journey was not easy. Along the way they faced many challenges, barriers and ordeals. There were moments of doubt and times when the Chosen Ones were ready to give up. As the journey became tougher, the community stood behind the Chosen Ones and granted them special charms that gave them the strength to persevere. The Chosen Ones walk with the spirit and support of their community as they work towards completing their Quest.

As Chosen Ones, this is the journey we’ve embarked on...

Canadian Chosen Ones

We have embarked on a journey to give youth a voice and empowering them to become leaders. We have started a youth group called the Young Decision Makers. Young Decision Makers (YDM) is a group of youth, young adults and adult allies from across Canada working together to ensure that youth voice is heard among decision makers such as governments, systems and organizations.

YDM is also a model used to make impactful decisions; it focuses on studying an issue, discussing an issue, making decisions, informing policy makers, and taking action.

YDM Toronto provides youth with a safe, open space to get together once a week and discuss issues that are affecting youth in our country. In this program, young people will study and discuss these topics, including health and healthy relationships, and create plans of action to help improve these social issues for young people across Canada.

As Chosen Ones from Canada, we have been granted these charms to persevere in our Quest...

• Positive & negative
• Charged up and magnetized by conversation
• Drawn to each other

• Go back to beginning (YDM process)
• We have something that connects us

House of Cards:
• Support each other

• Pack
• Canadian


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