The Arrival

The Chosen ones arrive at the Gathering with a sense of pride and accomplishment, their journey has been long. They’ve come far, making incredible progress, but questions remain. What’s next? Where do they go now? Our heroes soon find that the brave boys and girls at the Gathering share similar callings. Together, they share the experiences from their journeys, exchange charms and declare their vision for the future.

As Chosen Ones, our quest has brought us to...

Young Decision Makers Meeting at The Students Commission of Canada, Wednesday January 6th, 2016

As a group, we have decided to recruit and select two Indigenous youth delegates to represent Canada at the International Conference.

As Chosen Ones from our country, we declare...

Photo of Kai M. and Ella K.


As Aboriginal/Indigenous youth, we would like to make change in our society, country and world. We need the general population to be educated on First Nations culture, peoples, and issues by making truthful history known and acknowledged by all. We want to be treated equally and we want to raise awareness about how common and accepted racism towards Aboriginal people is and always has been. We would like to see that schools on reservations get equal funding and care as other schools in Canada. Our final demand is that people start taking better care of our land like you take care of your family and loved ones.


The Students Commission