The Second Challenge

Our heroes persevere through many challenges and ordeals that test their strengths and determination to complete the quest. The Chosen Ones from Kenya share these ordeals with Chosen Ones from other communities when they hear news of a special international gathering in the country of Canada. The Chosen Ones face a final challenge: they have to choose one boy and one girl to act as Messengers to attend this international gathering. The strength of all of the charms assist them and they create a symbolic travelling companion who will guide their chosen Messengers with the next stage of the quest, carrying all the ideas of all Chosen Ones to share with other countries.

As Choosen Ones, we have selected the following children to represent us:

Photo of Kai M. and Ella K.

Kai M.
Ella K.

We have chosen them to represent us in Canada because:

they are responsible and we believe they will represent us well.

This is our selected travel companion who will guide the Messengers to the international conference:



The Students Commission