The Calling

At a special time in the history of the world, some very special boys and girls, with help from some very special adults, heard an inner voice calling to them. That inner voice asked: Are you ready to explore new things? Are you ready to embark upon a journey — a quest to identify, face and overcome challenges — both for yourself and other boys and girls?

Yes! these boys and girls said. Yes! We have heard the call and answered yes and from now on we will be the Chosen Ones.

You can follow their progress here.

As Chosen Ones from Canada, we have identified our calling for our Quest, which is...

“Youth awareness of their voice and giving a voice to a silent subject.”

As Chosen Ones, this is who we are...

Canadian Chosen Ones Canadian Chosen Ones










Our chosen ones

This Quest is important to children in our community because in our community...

• There are problems that should be addressed that students could address but don’t have the opportunity
• Decisions about youth’s lives being made without the input of the youth
• We are the future: make the change for our future
• Feed a man a fish vs. teaching a man how to fish (welfare vs. jobs)
• Supplements for youth pay
• Knowledge and access to youth benefit programs
• Gap when looking for career relevant job. Not just resume add-ons like First Aid and McDonalds
• Flaws in our current education system, have youth give opinions for potential reforms
• Incorporating new approaches to challenge our current standardized system


The Students Commission