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Work Examples

Featured below are a variety of projects completed by recent co-op students.

Tobacco Cessation Videos

The following YouTube playlist includes videos created by
Students Commission Co-Op students to spread tobacco awareness.
the students wrote video scripts based on research they had done, then
filmed and acted out the situations to shed light on this topic.

Finally they used Final Cut Pro X to cut their ideas into a few video shorts.

You can watch them here.

Tobacco and Gender-Based Violence Myth and Fact Cards

These are Myth and Fact cards to test your knowledge on
Tobacco and Gender-Based Violence. Designed by 2014-2015 Co-Op students,
the students researched statistics and facts about tobacco use, gender-based violence
and any link between them to create this great workshop tool.

Foam Card Poster

This is a poster made using the foam cards that participants of the
This Is Canada 2012 conference wrote on.
Participants wrote about why "I am proud to be me...".

Surviving Video

This is an animation created for the HBSC video called 'Surviving'.
The girl in the video speaks about her mother's addictions to alcohol and drugs.
The ocean represents the emptiness that the girl feels about her mother.

Blueprint Brochure

This is a brochure created for the Blueprint Project,
which deals with violence in young women's lives.
The brochure is a way to get information about the project out into the community
and has an interesting blueprint design that attracts attention.

A coop student from our Toronto office interviewed one of
the Blueprint facilitators and wrote this short article.



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