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Rabab K.

Q & A

Q: How did you become a co-op student?

A: The beginning of grade 12 I went to meet my teacher and my teacher asked me what I was interested in. I said that I liked business or graphic arts and she said she had a placement in graphic arts. So I went in for an interview and I got the placement.

Q: What have you worked on at the Students Commission?

A: I've worked on flyers and posters for the youth expression night; I created graphics for workshop materials; and I made wallet cards for the Young Decision Makers (YDM ) group.

Q: Have you ever gone to a youth conference?

A: I have gone to 3 conferences since I've been here:

  1. A Tobacco conference (the Toronto Tobacco Control Area Network (TCAN) Conference)
  2. I presented at the Ontario Healthy Kids panel
  3. And I went to a follow up tobacco conference with TCAN

Q: What are some of the projects what you have done?

A: City of Kingston youth strategy project.

Q: What was the most interesting thing that you have done at Students Commission?

A: One of the most interesting things that I have done was coding evaluation data from the Healthy Kids Focus Groups. After helping to analyze the data I got to also help present the result to the Ontario Healthy Kids Panel.

Q: What computer programs have you learned at the Students Commission?

A: I've learned Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress, and Final Cut Pro.

Q: Did you learn any thing new?

A: I learned how to code evaluation data.

Q: Did you make any new friend's while you where at the student Commission?

A: Yes I did!

Q: Have you enjoyed working at the Students Commission?

A: Yes I did. It's a great place to work ; and the staff and the environment is very friendly and welcoming.


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