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Logan B.

Q & A

Q: What has been the best part of your experience with the SC so far?

A: My best experience so far has been learning how to edit videos, and the reason for that is because I didn’t know how to use Final Cut pro before. But now, since working here, I’ve gotten the basis of how to edit videos.

Q: Has the SC exceeded your expectations?

A: Yes, it definitely has in ways like how the Students Commission helps others and holds conferences for young people.

Q: What was your impression of the SC before working here?

A: My first impression before working here was very different. My co-op teacher told me that the Students Commission works with kids that I assumed were kids much younger than I was; but she failed to tell me that they mainly worked with young people around my age and teenagers all across Canada.

Q:How is the working environment at the SC?

A:The environment is very laid back where everyone can get along and chat with each other while getting work done at the same time instead of being pressured into completing everything you need to do, like at school. You don’t feel the pressures of deadlines and they’re very flexible with their hours whenever I call to notify them.

Q:What were some unexpected moments you had during your time here?

A:Yes there were some unexpected moments! For instance, I didn’t expect there to be so many surveys to input, but it was still interesting especially after reading some of the responses on people’s views and thoughts; that was probably the only thing that caught me off guard.

Q:What does a regular workday at the Students Commission look like?

A:Usually there are a lot of people working on computers and editing videos. There are also people working on websites and designing graphics for conferences and other projects or the occasional programming.

Q:What do you hope to attain from working at the Students Commission?

A:I hope to get I few extra Photoshop and Illustrator skills, as well as video editing skills. Most of all, I want to learn more design programs and website programing. Hopefully I’ll be able to achieve those skills.

Q:Are you enjoying your time at the Students Commission?

A:Yes, I am really enjoying my time here at the Students Commission. It feels better that I chose this placement that the other choices I had because I probably would have slacked off at another placement had I not been here. At the Students Commission, I’m actually learning skills that will help me later on in life, school and my career. I’m glad I came to work with the Students Commission.


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