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Young Decision Makers Conference




Support young people to put their ideas for improving themselves and their communities into action!

For more information, please contact or by phone, 1-416-597-8297.

February 28-March 1:
Sharing the Stories Knowledge Exchange

Come together with youth sector stakeholders to review over 25 years of research on meaningful youth engagement in Canada. Why are certain programs effective? What are the key qualities of youth-adult partnerships? What are the outcomes for young people? What are the benefits for communities? This is a professional development opportunity for adults and youth who want to gain experience with researching and evaluating youth programs. Join us in making meaning of the various findings and help plot the direction of our future research path.

March 1-5: The Canada We Want Conference Series

In 2017, Canada marks the 150th anniversary of confederation. At this conference we explore this key question: What do young people want for Canada's next 150 years? 160 youth and adult allies from every province and territory are invited to come together to take action on issues that are impacting young people. Together, conference delegates will discuss and study the issues of greatest relevance to Canadian youth, decide on concrete actions to take, and be supported to present their findings to decision makers.W Be part of this fun and exciting event, and bring the momentum back home to your community.

These events will be held at YMCA Cedar Glen, Feb 28- Mar 5, 2017.